Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! It’s been quiet here at Planet Nutshell as our team members head out on various adventures, but we’re working hard on some exciting projects that we can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, here are some things we’ve been loving lately. This week we bring you a colorful promo video, a new short from an animation legend, and a series of music- and architecture-inspired illustrations. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Lovaganza – The Academy

We discovered this beautiful video shortly after posting our last round of favorites, so into this week’s post it went! This short film is a promotion for Lovaganza 2015, which is a global event aiming to bring people together in a quest for peace. We love the geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and smooth motion graphics. There are so many amazing details, you may need to watch it more than once.

Duet – Glen Keane

Even if you are not familiar with the name Glen Keane, you’re probably familiar with his work. The legendary animator brought to life such iconic Disney characters as Ariel, the Beast, Aladdin, and Pocahontas and was officially named a Disney Legend in 2013. On June 26th, at Google’s I/O conference, Keane’s latest project was unveiled. This beautiful short, which we first discovered through Slate, was created as a Google “Spotlight Story,” an animated video designed for mobile interaction. The limited color palette, sketch-like quality of the drawings and beautiful soundtrack allow the viewer to focus on the story and highlight the brilliance of Glen Keane’s animation.

ARCHIMUSIC – Federico Babina

ARCHIMUSIC,” created by Italian illustrator Federico Babina, unites music and architecture in a series of unique, colorful, graphic images. Babina is no stranger to architecture-inspired illustrations, having created previous series like “ARCHICINE,” which celebrates the famous buildings in classic cinema, “ARCHIBET,” which imagines the letters of the alphabet as buildings, and “ARCHIST,” which features buildings inspired by famous artists. Check out his complete portfolio here.

Creating Your Explainer Video: 3 Reasons Music is Key

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Context means everything. In TV, movies, and even with the printed word, if the viewer or reader isn’t given some help with how to interpret what’s happening, she or he won’t be able to take away insight from what they’ve just experienced. And as a content creator, if you don’t frame your work with the appropriate contextual details, you won’t be able to get your point across. One of the simplest and most effective ways to create context is by adding a musical score.

The right song changes everything

Add a bombastic, triumphant orchestral piece to your video for running shoes to show how they can lead the runner to victory. Add a soft and sweet ukulele track in a video for diapers or baby food to show the warm and nurturing quality of the product. Make sure your song choices are thoughtful; if you don’t support your video with music that underscores your video’s message, the effect of your company’s message may be weakened.

Great video improves engagement

And great video often contains great music. No matter what your company does, a well-crafted explainer video that features appropriate music can be a huge boon to your business. According to MarketingSherpa, 100% more time is spent on pages that include video. Imagine the kind of increase in sales you’d see if your visitors spent twice as long on your site.

Explainer videos increase conversions

According to analytics provider, Comscore, retail site visitors who viewed video are 64% more likely to make a purchase than those who did not view video. That’s huge! Imagine that by posting a polished and professional video that explains the benefits of your business that you could increase sales by 64%. Simply amazing!

So, where do we go from here? In order to maximize the potential of your next explainer video, which by now I hope you see as beyond essential, you’ve got to make sure you’re empowering your video to be as impactful as possible. If you want to drive home your message, if you want to make sure you’re squeezing every last drop of persuasiveness from the pitch you’ll make to your potential customers, make sure you pick the sweetest, ripest tracks to score your spot. Any old ecommerce site can attract attention with an embedded Youtube clip and the promise of 90 seconds of distraction, but why not go the extra mile and put together an explainer that really rocks. With an explainer that clearly and simply explains who you are and what you do, supported by fresh music, your customers will soon be singing your praises.

Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! It’s finally summer and boy, has it been a long time coming this year. Here’s to warm weather, sunshine, and lots and lots of barbecues!

This week’s roundup features two animated shorts, a music video, and a cool artist we’ve just discovered. Enjoy!

Totem – Caleb Wood 

Described by the artist as “a celebration of anima,” this beautiful short was animated by Caleb Wood for the “Worship” episode of the Adult Swim series Off The Air. The two minute animation features some amazing loops and beautiful colors, and the overall effect is mesmerizing.

The Art of Robin Davey

We just recently discovered the artwork of London-based artist Robin Davey, and we’re hooked. Much of Davey’s work uses vibrant colors and geometric designs to create fun and unique images and gifs, but a quick glance at his website shows a wide range of styles. We love finding new inspiration, and a visit to our Pinterest reveals that we found plenty of it on Robin Davey’s website.

C2C’s Delta Music Video – CRCR

This music video was created by French studio CRCR for C2C, a band of DJs also from France. The colors are gorgeous, the story is powerful, and it doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty great, too. If you like the sound, be sure to check out the band’s other music.

Johnny Express - Alfred Imageworks

This charming and fun short features slick 3D animation, great visuals, and a story that is out of this world (literally). There is almost no dialogue, but the perfectly executed sound design tells us everything we need to know. Johnny Express was created by Alfred Imageworks, an animation studio based in South Korea.


Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! It’s been a while since our last Friday Favorites post, but we’re back with a few treats for you today. We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful (almost) summer weather as much as we are, and wish you a very happy weekend.

Modern Love, Animated

The Modern Love column in the New York Times’ Sunday Styles section is always an interesting read, featuring a new non-fiction essay about love each Sunday accompanied by a fantastic Brian Rea illustration. Earlier this month the Times released this new video, an adaptation of a Modern Love essay brought to life with a simple color palette and beautiful motion graphics by animator Freddy Arenas. This is one of eight videos in a series of animated essays, all of which can be found here.

World Cup Google Doodles

We’re in full World Cup mode here at Planet Nutshell, and the Google Doodles team is clearly sharing our excitement. There have been numerous doodles daily celebrating the event and the nations playing, sometimes changing in response to the current score. Our favorite came this Wednesday, when the letter “L” bounced a soccer ball against a building amidst the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The simple animation shows us why soccer is so popular worldwide – it can be played anywhere, by anyone, with nothing but a soccer ball.

Don’t Fail Idaho PSA

Production Company Buck has created outstanding work in a variety of media, from live action and puppetry to mixed media and stop motion. This animated PSA combines strong graphic design elements with character animation and motion graphics to tell a compelling story about the state of education in Idaho. We love the visual style of this piece, and we always appreciate seeing animation being used for good.

Annecy 2014 Bumpers

Motionographer introduced us to these 5 beautiful shorts, created by students at Gobelins, l’ecole de l’image for the 2014 Annecy International Film Festival. Each short runs around a minute and tells a unique and beautiful story. The above short, entiltled “Le Coup du Lapin,” was directed by Emilie Almaida, Pierre Butet, Magali Garnier, Clémence Maret and Hugo Weiss.


Video Marketing 101: 4 Ways to Share Your Nutshell

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Thinking about getting a Nutshell for your company or organization, but not sure how to use it effectively? Here are four ideas for sharing your explainer video with the world.

1. On a Landing PageScreen Shot 2014-06-16 at 4.30.51 PM
Explainer videos have often been used to spruce up a landing page and draw in visitors, but not every video is seamlessly integrated into the page design. We love the layout used by City of Hope on the landing page for OurHope, their new fundraising platform. The blue and gold OurHope colors are featured heavily in the video, creating harmony between the video and the website. The balanced layout and attractive graphic design add to the visual appeal, keeping visitors interested and engaged.

2. In an Email Campaign

Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey (CCAH) is a skilled creative agency working with some amazing organizations, including City of Hope. In their latest email campaign for City of Hope, CCAH used our fundraising Nutshell to give their donors tips for running a successful fundraiser. We were thrilled to be included in this campaign, since CCAH and City of Hope have won awards for their email campaigns in the past. While embedding a video directly within the email can be tricky, including numerous links to the video is a great way to encourage your recipients to watch.

3. Within Your App

After we created this Nutshell for Google explaining the Google Wallet app, they decided to incorporate within the app itself. For several months, any Android phone user opening the Google Wallet app for the first time was invited to watch our video and learn more about the app. Animated videos make great tutorials, and including video in your app is a great way to get people excited about using your product.

4. On a Big Screen

Back in February, Foundation Medicine paid a visit to the NASDAQ MarketSite, located in Times Square. As a part of the celebration, which included Foundation Medicine CEO Dr. Michael Pellini ringing the Opening Bell, a special version of the FoundationOne Nutshell played on the NASDAQ tower for all of Times Square to see. We tweaked an existing video for this purpose, and it was an effective way to inform the public about Foundation Medicine and their products, not to mention their stock.